If you’ve been following my Instagram stories you know that last week I was in NYC for New York Fashion Week! It was my first time going to NYC and my first time at NYFW. I was the photographer for Ruthie Ridley and The Kachet Life during this time and let me tell you, those ladies are so fun! Be sure to check out their blogs. While we had a lot of fun we ran ourselves ragged. Our days were 12+hrs long. I wouldn’t change it for anything though.

We went to 5 runway shows, exclusive parties, and some incredible boutiques! Photographing the fashion world is like nothing I’ve ever done before and I’m slightly addicted. Seeing Paris Hilton and Miss Jay in person might have had something to do with that too. I definitely felt like a paparazzi photographer a few times!

We saw Afffair, Jasmine, Nonie (worn by Meghan Markle), Oxford Fashion (featuring several talented designers), Ruby Fang, and the Academy of Art shows. I got to connect with Megan Cannings, a brilliant designer from Australia, and Ruby Fang a Harvard Law graduate! Seeing their passion and dedication to their work was so exciting for me. It truly is an artform.

At the end of our trip we got to relax in the Alaska Lounge before our flight. It was amazing. Tons of spacious seating, charging spots, fresh salad bar, cocktails, and endless coffee. Next time I fly I’ll definitely be making use of the lounge.

Here are some of my favorites from NYFW.


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