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I can not believe it has officially been two years since I started my business! It feels so natural to me now. Would you believe me if I told you it almost didn’t happen? It all started when a former coworker asked me to take her daughters senior portraits. She said I had an eye […]

Daniella and George lived in Florida, but came here for a destination wedding! They had family and friends fly in from all over the world. It was such a sweet time of joy and celebration. Everyone there was somehow an amazing dancer! With a super fun wedding party and people they loved by their side […]

Matt and Nicole had a beautiful engagement session at the Capitol Rose Garden. I love it over there. The cactus garden is one of my favorite spots and they didn’t even mind when I asked Matt to pick up Nicole and twirl her in there! What I loved even more than the cactus garden was […]

Carolina and Kyle are some of the sweetest and most humble people I know. If you didn’t know their history you would have no idea that the two of them are incredible musicians! It was their love of music that ended up bringing them together through college. Sacramento Wedding Photographer I’ve known Kyle for a […]

I am so excited to announce that in 2019 all brides will be given a complimentary bridal boudoir session on their wedding day if desired! You can show off as much or as little as you like, the session is completely guided by you and your comfort level. You can even order a custom leather […]

Emily and Angelo had a beautiful wedding at Wolfe Heights Event Center. They picked an incredible venue! The bridal suite, ceremony site, bar, dance floor, fountains, vineyards, lake, and willow trees provided endless backdrops. It was a dream.  Not only was the venue a dream, Emily and Angelo were amazing to work with. Their fun […]

When I first met Aubree and Charlie I knew they had to work in the hospitality industry. We were kindred spirits. During their wedding day they were checking on me to make sure I had enough water! I was floored. While I always make sure I’m prepared this couple genuinely wanted to make sure every […]